Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Before I begin, I've literally sat down to write this post a million times. But as all you moms know...things come up. The baby cries; he's hungry; he spit up; poop explosions. You name it. I also have a birth story in the works. That too is taking me a while.

But to prove that I'm alive and that I'm not 47 weeks pregnant, I wanted to introduce my baby boy to you all.

After 14 hours of labor, 2 epidurals and 3 hours of pushing - Jordan was born on Wednesday, August 8th at 6:56am. Anything and everything that I went through was completely worth it once I looked into my baby's eyes.

Caught him smiling in his sleep!!

So far, motherhood is amazing. I'm enjoying every second with this little angel. Don't get me wrong, I have my moments where I'm so emotional that I end up crying over the smallest things; and days where I'm so incredibly exhausted and I can't even see straight. But it all goes away when my boy smiles at me. He melts my heart.

Jon has been INCREDIBLE. He's such an amazing father...and seeing him fall in love with his son makes me swoon. Since day one, Jon has helped with all the midnight wake up calls cries. He gets up with me and changes Jordan's diaper while I get ready to feed. He's been so great through everything.

Jordan is now almost 6 weeks old and I'm on a mission to get him on a good schedule. He's not sleeping through the night yet. In fact, he's still getting up every 2 1/2  hours during the night - which quite honestly, is exhausting. A good friend of mine had her baby 3 weeks before I had Jordan and her son is already on a good sleeping/feeding schedule. She owes it to the Baby Wise book. I bought it as soon as she told me about it and I'm determined to finish it and [hopefully] successfully get my child to sleep good as well.

Good luck to me!