Thursday, June 24, 2010

iPhone 4 Fail

As planned, I got up this morning at 4am to wait in line at the mall for the anticipated (and oh-so-cool, might I add) iPhone 4. So, that's what I did. I waited, waited....waited some more until I finally gave up.

That's right...just gave up. Around 8am an Apple employee came around and told me that all the 16gb were sold out and they were only selling another 3 hour wait. My response?

F*ck that!

Apparently I didn't need the phone that bad because I left. The line is still ridiculous. Yes, STILL. 8 hours after failing miserably, the line continues to wrap around the perimeter of the mall. This must mean a lot to people.

Besides the iPhone nonsense, today is actually turning out to be a fantastic day! I paid my last and final payment on my car! It is officially PAID THE HELL OFF!! No more $350 payment! I actually own my car...amazing feeling.

I also signed up for the Nike Women's Marathon today as well! It's October 17th, in San Francisco! I'm actually going to run the full marathon too! SIKE! Haha...there's no way. I can't even believe I'm running half! 13 whole miles. Twice as many miles as the 6 that I have yet to run. I wish myself luck.

Not sure what high I'm experiencing right now that has caused me to do things that I wouldn't normally do. But I'll go with it! Awesome!

Speaking of awesome...I finally got my 1st place trophy in for the 9 Ball pool league I play on!! Yay to me! I even got a girl trophy......and she has boobies!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In A Weird Funk

Today is just one of those days for me. I'm sad. But I have no idea why!? I have absolutely nothing to be sad about. My life is amazing! I had a wonderful weekend down in San Diego with my sister and Mom and now I'm happy to be home with Jon!

I think I honestly just miss him. I didn't see him all weekend, which felt like a lifetime. He works late and on the weekends now, so it's definitely a change that I'm having a hard time getting used to. I'll come around...I know I will. I know he's only doing this for us and for our future family, so I really shouldn't be complaining. I just miss the guy to pieces!


Apple unveiled it's latest and greatest - the iPhone 4. I'm truly amazed at all the crap that it can do. Face to face phone chat?! HD video recording?! Works at lightening speed?! Who wouldn't want it! I've been reading different reviews for it hoping to find at least ONE that puts it to shame.

But I cant.

Not. a. single. review.

You can reserve the phone on the 15th (which I'm debating) or it comes out for purchase on the 24th. What's a girl to do......

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Little Something Special

I never really explained where my blog title came from. Driving to Los Gatos over the weekend and passing by Campbell made me reminisce about it. A long time ago (I was about 10 or 11) my mom used to live in Campbell and I would visit her on the weekends. She lived in a very cute and quiet neighborhood. On Saturday mornings, we would take a walk to a nearby coffee shop to have breakfast. Mom always had a bagel and coffee; me, a bagel and juice. After our breakfast we'd walk to a cute little stationary shop called, "A Little Something Special". I loved that place. I would always buy pieces of stationary paper. I never really used it, but I loved buying them. Each sheet of paper was about $0.60 or so, and my mom would give me money to pick out what I wanted. I don't know why I was so infatuated with that place, but it definitely became a wonderful memory. Probably because it was me and Mom's place...and I'll always remember it.

So, it really JUNE already!? I can't believe how time flys by. It's almost summer!! There's so much stuff going on that I'm excited for. Camping is coming up, Lauren is coming home and Jon and I celebrate our anniversary next month! I also have a huge milestone in my life....the 10k (yes it's that big of a deal for me). I've been doing my training for the run and I'm hoping to be prepared enough for it! I keep telling myself that 6 miles isn't that bad....but then I get on the treadmill and at 2 miles I feel like my heart is going to stop and my legs will fall off.

In addition to my 10k training, I'm supposed to be eating healthier too (as I snack on a Charleston Chew), but apparently I don't know the meaning of that. After a hard workout I usually go home and ruin it all by eating cookie dough or having a delicious bowl of Cocoa Puffs (which by the way is my new favorite cereal). Tonight I will be making pasta...which probably isn't the best thing to eat after a workout......BUT in my mind, the fact that the Alfredo sauce is "light" and I'm putting asparagus in it, makes it healthier ;)

Tuesday = "The Office" marathon! It makes me smile just thinking about it .......that's what she said.....