Friday, April 30, 2010

Bathroom Violator

In our building, we have four floors; I work on the fourth floor. Every floor is equip with a bathroom, with two stalls. There is a woman who works on the first floor, but for some unknown reason, she comes up to our floor to use the bathroom. Sometimes it's just to pee...but most of the time, it's to drop a deuce. Now, I have no problem with taking a crap at work if it's needed. But seriously!!? Why must she feel the need to violate our bathroom?! It's very hard for me to understand. She never goes to the second or third floor...just ours. Makes no sense. It's almost like she would rather walk up four flights of stairs, and risk the chance of shitting her pants, instead of just using her own bathroom. Whatever floats her boat, I guess.
In less than a week, 6 days to be exact, I will put myself through the mother of all "Ouch's"..........a Brazilian Wax. I'm mentally preparing myself for this God-awful pain that I will endure in 144 hours. Hopefully my hoo-ha will survive the pain that I am about to cause it. The results better be worth it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This is my first edition of, (what will hopefully be) a weekly Thankful Thursday entry.

~ I am thankful for ~
My family
Meeting the most amazing man
My much needed weekend trip with Jon to Tahoe
Milano cookies
My job, which I absolutely love
My car, which is about to be paid off
Heineken Light
The house that Jon and I so happily share together
So there you have it. These are the things that I am most thankful for. I was not, however, thankful for my Popeyes lunch today. I ordered a 3 piece chicken strips and only received 2. I also didn't get any utensils...AND they gave me my box meal in a tiny bag and turned it sideways so all the gravy leaked out. Jerks.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So, I finally had my follow up appointment for my miscarriage - only it was a waste of time. I was under the assumption that they would be running some tests on me. All she did was tell me to wait at least two "normal cycles" before trying (which I already knew) and she referred me to a fertility specialist (which I could have been told over the phone). Sigh. So now I have to make the appointment to see the specialist, who will then finally run all these tests on me. Bleh.

Gah! There's so much going on lately I can't even keep my head on straight! Work is busy, school is busy, Jon is in general is busy. Thankfully our Tahoe weekend is finally here. It is a much needed vacation; just the two of us. It's supposed to be beautiful up there too. It's snowing there right now but it'll be nice and sunny for us this weekend. Our life has been on overload these past few months, so this weekend will be a chance for us to put everything on hold and enjoy each others' company. I can't wait!

Monday, April 12, 2010


On Friday I took an early flight out to Arizona to meet up with some family at my grandma's house. They did a girls trip there for spring break and I was jealous that I couldn't go. Although my trip was way too short, I still had a fun time - it was worth it. The weather was the 80's! We played our favorite game, Tomo Todo (you must play it) all day. Apparently the girls all made up rules on when to take jello shots. In addition to taking a shot every time you won a Tomo Todo...if someone left the table, take a shot. When someone came back to the table, take a shot. You could even buy someone a shot for a quarter. The rules were hilarious. Needless to say...we were all drunk by dinner time.

On our way back home (I drove back with them) we had to stop off on the side of the road so my 3 year old niece could use the bathroom. Since there weren't any restrooms, and she "had to go now", we stopped off so she could squat. Now, as we were exiting and pulling off to the shoulder, we noticed a white Honda with the driver door open. We saw someone, who we thought was a woman, squatting to pee. As we drove a little closer, past the person, we realized that it was a man......AND he, um, wasn't peeing. He was taking a shit! On the side of the road!! For EVERYONE to see! He even had toilet paper in his hand...and his, ahem, business was clearly visible. SICK! About an hour after that disgustingness, we stopped off at a 7-Eleven to get coffee and guess who the guy was standing in front of me??? YES! The road-side-shitter! I couldn't believe it! He even started talking to me, asking "have you ever been to death valley?". I wanted to reply back and say "have you ever taken a shit on the side of the road?". Gross!!

I'm glad to be back home now. I missed Jon...a lot. I hate leaving him. I know that people say that they need their space away from their significant other...but I don't. Call me crazy, but I genuinely love being around him. I hate when we're apart. He's my other half and my best friend. I missed being with him in our little home. I feel so cozy in our place. I love the days when we're lazy and we wrap up in blankets and watch TV.'s where I wish we were right now....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I'm a fan of it. And for some reason, especially lately, I've been doing more cleaning and straightening up with the house. It's sad that I actually look forward to going home and cleaning. Yesterday I was at Walmart (that's a whole other subject) and I was actually excited when I bought multi-use dust clothes. I'm not gonna lie, I'm looking forward to using them tonight when I get home. I've been itching to redo the bathroom too. I was at Bed, Bath & Beyond last week, shopping for a candle. But you can't not look around when you go there. Every single item in that store calls out to me. I try to make up every excuse in the book as to why I need some random utensil. But that damn good angel on my right shoulder usually wins that battle. Anyhoo, I found my way in the bathroom section and now I want to redo the bathroom. Maybe next week...

So, back to Walmart. Don't get me wrong...I like that their prices are decent and much more affordable than other places; but I swear that place attracts the most annoying people ever. Lately it's got to the point where I actually dread going there. I'm a Target shopper, so when I go some place different, I get all bent out of shape.

On a side note, the leggings that I'm wearing with my skirt and boots today are officially "the leggings from hell". With every step I take, they slowly fall down my leg. I'm on the verge of taking them off, cutting them to shreds and then setting them on fire.