Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So, I finally had my follow up appointment for my miscarriage - only it was a waste of time. I was under the assumption that they would be running some tests on me. All she did was tell me to wait at least two "normal cycles" before trying (which I already knew) and she referred me to a fertility specialist (which I could have been told over the phone). Sigh. So now I have to make the appointment to see the specialist, who will then finally run all these tests on me. Bleh.

Gah! There's so much going on lately I can't even keep my head on straight! Work is busy, school is busy, Jon is busy...life in general is busy. Thankfully our Tahoe weekend is finally here. It is a much needed vacation; just the two of us. It's supposed to be beautiful up there too. It's snowing there right now but it'll be nice and sunny for us this weekend. Our life has been on overload these past few months, so this weekend will be a chance for us to put everything on hold and enjoy each others' company. I can't wait!

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