Monday, August 30, 2010

Mini Vacation, Big Events

I love coming here on Mondays to write while everything is still fresh in my mind. Especially after a great weekend. I'm still able to hear all the laughter and conversations that went on. I still see the amazing scenery; and I still feel the touch of family and freinds' gentle hugs. There were so many of those "taking it all in" moments.

Jon and I had a mini vacation in Southern California over the weekend. And when I say "mini" was just that. We got up bright and early Friday morning to drive down there, and we were back in our home early Sunday morning. Although it was quick, we did, and saw a lot. Our first stop was Hunnington Beach to visit our friend Josh. He was kind enough to let us stay at his house for the night. He brought us to a bar where we met up with a group of people for a fun-filled night. Great people and new memories.

We woke up early again the next morning to continue our trip down to San Marcos; where Jerod and Cassie's wedding was. As we got closer, we kept seeing signs for San Diego - and it made me miss my sister. We originally didn't think we would have time to visit her. But Jon, being the amazing man that he is, knew how much seeing her meant to me and we drove down there anyways. The best part was, she had no idea of our sudden plans. I couldn't get there fast enough. The 25 minute drive seemed like an hour and I was driving like a maniac anticipating the sight of her. As soon as I walked up to her screen door and asked her roommate, "Is Lauren here?"....there was a pause....and then a scream. She recognized my voice and came running to the door. The look on her face was perfect - and the hug that she gave me was priceless. We hugged for (what seemed like) forever...and I didn't want to let go.

We were only able to spend a few hours with her, but we quickly got back to our routine of doing what we do best. Laughing. Giggling. Gossiping. Sharing memories. Just.....being us.

Jon treated us to frozen yogurt and then it was time to say goodbye. Even though she's been living down there for 2 years now, it still isn't any easier. She's my sister. My partner in crime. My go-to girl. My best friend........and I miss her.

We made it back up to San Marcos in time for the wedding. And what a beautiful wedding it was. The bride was breathtaking and the groom was handsome. Their vows were emotional and I, of course, bawled my eyes out. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Simpson!

We stopped at a Target to pick up a few things while we were down there, and I finally found my dream camera. The last time I was there I wanted to test out a Canon but it wasn't working. This time, well, this time I snapped a couple of shots and immediately fell in love. Holding the lens, all seemed so natural. I want, no, I have to have this camera. I'm on a mission to pay off my last credit card to I can finally get my Canon. It gives me motivation.

I will get this camera. I will get this camera.

Monday, August 23, 2010

All Grown Up

Saturday night was our second annual "girls night out". It's our new dedication to getting together at least once a month to have cocktails, and gossip about....well, everything. Stephanie and Analiese came over and saw our new place, which they absolutely loved. We mosied on over to Elephant Bar for Happy Hour where Analiese sipped on water all night, and Steph and I both had a Margarita and a half before we called it a night. We couldn't even finish our second drink! It reminded us of how old we're getting. All three of us were yawning and had droopy eyes before we realized that it was late....all of 11 o'clock. Yes, we're definitely old.

It was a great time though. We gabbed all night about our lives and things that are new with us. I couldn't help but think about how much things have changed. Years ago we were talking about fun parties and how "drunk we were" our conversations are about kids, marriage, houses and husbands. And you know what? I love it. Even though growing up and growing old scares the living daylights out of me, I undeniably love everything about it.

I can't wait to marry Jon. I can't wait to find out that I'm pregnant. I can't wait to hold our child in my arms for the first time. I can't wait to be 35 years young and taking our children to school and field trips. I look forward to it.....every bit of it.

Thursday we're hosting a dinner at our house with the parents. They'll all come together to see our new home that Jon and I have made for ourselves. I'm actually really looking forward to it! I'm not used to preparing a meal for a huge crowd, so I'm known to get a little flustered; but I'm honestly looking forward to it. Jon will be cooking the pork loin and chicken, while I tend to the potatoes, salad and asparagus. It should be a fabulous meal with great company.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Enjoying The Day

Another beautiful day in our beautiful home. I'm fortunate enough to work from home the rest of the day since cable is being installed. And I'll admit, I love it. I've got the windows open, letting the sun shine in and listening to the cars drive by. I never thought working could be so relaxing...

I'm sitting here thinking about everything that I still want to do to the house. Pictures, mirrors, paintings...all stuff that will come over time. The guest bedroom was looking half-way decent, until my Mom dropped off all my old boxes that she was storing for me the past few years. It's not a lot, but now the room is once again, a project. I went through a few of the boxes today and found some old pictures from high school. It brought back memories. It's so hard to believe that high school was almost 10 years ago. It makes me realize how fast I've grown up.

It's only Tuesday and I'm already looking forward to this week being over. I really enjoy my weekends. There's so much to look forward to....

Being home with Jon....going to the Farmers Market....putting our house together....

I'm also looking forward to getting together with two dear friends of mine, Stephanie and Analiese. Drinks with the girls is always a fabulous time....although, one of us won't be drinking for the next 9 months! Congratulations Analiese!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Work In Progress

Well, we finally spent some time in the guest bedroom, and actually made it – a guest bedroom. We unpacked the rest of the boxes and put everything away. I washed the sheets and made the bed. It still needs some work (decorating, bed frame), but for now, it’ll do. We got the 2011 Ikea book in the mail, which of course, made me really happy. I’m like a kid in a candy store with that place. I saw a nice bed frame with a headboard and foot board for $199. Score! Once we get past this month it’ll get a little easier. I’m itching for a shopping trip at Ross or Target. I still have some things I’d like to get for the house. Other than that – the place is coming together nicely. Very nicely.

I’ve been having a fascination with photography lately. I’ve always loved to take pictures, but never paid attention to lighting, or focus – I just took them. But now, I have a new interest. A very expensive interest. One day I’ll buy a nice Cannon, probably when we have kids. But for now, I’ve learned that my iPhone Camera works just fine, actually. The camera has a focus option and the photo apps make it fun. I’m sure my Digital Sony Camera has a focus as well – I just haven’t ever noticed it.

Relaxing with a glass of wine has been my thing lately. I wouldn’t say it’s an every night thing, but I definitely have a glass maybe twice a week. It’s nice, soothing and not to mention, delicious. This reminds me, I need to get another bottle. I went to a gorgeous winery up in Napa a few months ago and bought the tastiest bottle of wine. I finished it very quickly and have been craving it ever since. I went to order it online but unfortunately you can only order it in cases of 6. I guess I won’t be drinking that wine again unless I go back up to the winery and buy a bottle, or spend about $200 for a case of 6…

Saturday we went to our first Farmers Market since living in Downtown. In fact, it was my first Farmers Market, ever. I’ve honestly never been to one before – and I have no idea why! They’re so much fun and so cheap. We bought fresh fruit and veggies and spent less than $10. Best part is, we’re in walking distance. I love being able to walk across the street to everything. I also found the most darling little place the other day. It’s a nursery, but their gift shop is absolutely adorable! It’s a must that we go back there. I could probably spend a good hour just in the store alone – and another hour looking at all the different plants and flowers. I just can’t wait to decorate our place! Before when we lived in the apartment, it was home, but it didn’t feel like home. I didn’t have the desire to hang up pictures, or really decorate because I knew that we wouldn’t be there long. We also didn’t have much room, considering it was a small one bedroom apartment. But this place……this place is home. We both felt it the moment we walked in the door during the open house.

Life is good.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Wow. I apologize for writing absolutely nothing for a month now. July was busy, busy, BUSY!

The big highlight of my life right now is that we got a new home. It's beautiful. Every time we're sitting in the living room looking around, we feel like we're house-sitting. Almost like it's not really ours. That's how amazing it is. We found an adorable condo right in Downtown - literally in walking distance from everything. Main Street is a 2 minute walk and the Fairgrounds are right down the street from us. I can't even explain how perfect it is. We're so happy! There is still a lot to do with the house. Our guest bedroom is still housing all of our boxes (which secretly bugs me). A major unpacking sesh needs to happen.....and I see a trip to the Salvation Army in our future.

Since July was absolute craziness, school completely (and honestly) slipped my mind. I went to sign up last week and realized that school starts in TWO WEEKS! I almost had a hernia. So I made a trip out to the school to see a counselor, and surprisingly got into a class. Between the ONE class that I'm taking, and its unnecessary cost of a book, I walked out paying about $350. Whatever.

So...August, here we are...already. It's so hard to believe that half of this year has come and gone! Before we know it, it will be December. Amazing. Remember when you were young and the years went by so slow!? It always seemed like the months couldn't come fast enough! Now I feel like I'm begging for it all to slow down again!

I have a feeling the rest of this year will go by fast, which stresses me out a bit. So for now, I'll take it one day at a time.....and relax in our beautiful home.