Thursday, August 5, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Wow. I apologize for writing absolutely nothing for a month now. July was busy, busy, BUSY!

The big highlight of my life right now is that we got a new home. It's beautiful. Every time we're sitting in the living room looking around, we feel like we're house-sitting. Almost like it's not really ours. That's how amazing it is. We found an adorable condo right in Downtown - literally in walking distance from everything. Main Street is a 2 minute walk and the Fairgrounds are right down the street from us. I can't even explain how perfect it is. We're so happy! There is still a lot to do with the house. Our guest bedroom is still housing all of our boxes (which secretly bugs me). A major unpacking sesh needs to happen.....and I see a trip to the Salvation Army in our future.

Since July was absolute craziness, school completely (and honestly) slipped my mind. I went to sign up last week and realized that school starts in TWO WEEKS! I almost had a hernia. So I made a trip out to the school to see a counselor, and surprisingly got into a class. Between the ONE class that I'm taking, and its unnecessary cost of a book, I walked out paying about $350. Whatever.

So...August, here we are...already. It's so hard to believe that half of this year has come and gone! Before we know it, it will be December. Amazing. Remember when you were young and the years went by so slow!? It always seemed like the months couldn't come fast enough! Now I feel like I'm begging for it all to slow down again!

I have a feeling the rest of this year will go by fast, which stresses me out a bit. So for now, I'll take it one day at a time.....and relax in our beautiful home.

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