Monday, August 30, 2010

Mini Vacation, Big Events

I love coming here on Mondays to write while everything is still fresh in my mind. Especially after a great weekend. I'm still able to hear all the laughter and conversations that went on. I still see the amazing scenery; and I still feel the touch of family and freinds' gentle hugs. There were so many of those "taking it all in" moments.

Jon and I had a mini vacation in Southern California over the weekend. And when I say "mini" was just that. We got up bright and early Friday morning to drive down there, and we were back in our home early Sunday morning. Although it was quick, we did, and saw a lot. Our first stop was Hunnington Beach to visit our friend Josh. He was kind enough to let us stay at his house for the night. He brought us to a bar where we met up with a group of people for a fun-filled night. Great people and new memories.

We woke up early again the next morning to continue our trip down to San Marcos; where Jerod and Cassie's wedding was. As we got closer, we kept seeing signs for San Diego - and it made me miss my sister. We originally didn't think we would have time to visit her. But Jon, being the amazing man that he is, knew how much seeing her meant to me and we drove down there anyways. The best part was, she had no idea of our sudden plans. I couldn't get there fast enough. The 25 minute drive seemed like an hour and I was driving like a maniac anticipating the sight of her. As soon as I walked up to her screen door and asked her roommate, "Is Lauren here?"....there was a pause....and then a scream. She recognized my voice and came running to the door. The look on her face was perfect - and the hug that she gave me was priceless. We hugged for (what seemed like) forever...and I didn't want to let go.

We were only able to spend a few hours with her, but we quickly got back to our routine of doing what we do best. Laughing. Giggling. Gossiping. Sharing memories. Just.....being us.

Jon treated us to frozen yogurt and then it was time to say goodbye. Even though she's been living down there for 2 years now, it still isn't any easier. She's my sister. My partner in crime. My go-to girl. My best friend........and I miss her.

We made it back up to San Marcos in time for the wedding. And what a beautiful wedding it was. The bride was breathtaking and the groom was handsome. Their vows were emotional and I, of course, bawled my eyes out. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Simpson!

We stopped at a Target to pick up a few things while we were down there, and I finally found my dream camera. The last time I was there I wanted to test out a Canon but it wasn't working. This time, well, this time I snapped a couple of shots and immediately fell in love. Holding the lens, all seemed so natural. I want, no, I have to have this camera. I'm on a mission to pay off my last credit card to I can finally get my Canon. It gives me motivation.

I will get this camera. I will get this camera.

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