Friday, April 30, 2010

Bathroom Violator

In our building, we have four floors; I work on the fourth floor. Every floor is equip with a bathroom, with two stalls. There is a woman who works on the first floor, but for some unknown reason, she comes up to our floor to use the bathroom. Sometimes it's just to pee...but most of the time, it's to drop a deuce. Now, I have no problem with taking a crap at work if it's needed. But seriously!!? Why must she feel the need to violate our bathroom?! It's very hard for me to understand. She never goes to the second or third floor...just ours. Makes no sense. It's almost like she would rather walk up four flights of stairs, and risk the chance of shitting her pants, instead of just using her own bathroom. Whatever floats her boat, I guess.
In less than a week, 6 days to be exact, I will put myself through the mother of all "Ouch's"..........a Brazilian Wax. I'm mentally preparing myself for this God-awful pain that I will endure in 144 hours. Hopefully my hoo-ha will survive the pain that I am about to cause it. The results better be worth it.

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