Thursday, June 24, 2010

iPhone 4 Fail

As planned, I got up this morning at 4am to wait in line at the mall for the anticipated (and oh-so-cool, might I add) iPhone 4. So, that's what I did. I waited, waited....waited some more until I finally gave up.

That's right...just gave up. Around 8am an Apple employee came around and told me that all the 16gb were sold out and they were only selling another 3 hour wait. My response?

F*ck that!

Apparently I didn't need the phone that bad because I left. The line is still ridiculous. Yes, STILL. 8 hours after failing miserably, the line continues to wrap around the perimeter of the mall. This must mean a lot to people.

Besides the iPhone nonsense, today is actually turning out to be a fantastic day! I paid my last and final payment on my car! It is officially PAID THE HELL OFF!! No more $350 payment! I actually own my car...amazing feeling.

I also signed up for the Nike Women's Marathon today as well! It's October 17th, in San Francisco! I'm actually going to run the full marathon too! SIKE! Haha...there's no way. I can't even believe I'm running half! 13 whole miles. Twice as many miles as the 6 that I have yet to run. I wish myself luck.

Not sure what high I'm experiencing right now that has caused me to do things that I wouldn't normally do. But I'll go with it! Awesome!

Speaking of awesome...I finally got my 1st place trophy in for the 9 Ball pool league I play on!! Yay to me! I even got a girl trophy......and she has boobies!

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