Thursday, August 4, 2011

One helluva month.


I know for the mid-west and east coast, the heat has been unbearable. The west coast on the other hand, practically just started smelling the sweet scent of summer. It's been comfortably warm for the past few weeks and looks to remain pretty hot for the remainder of the week. Summer is here. And I beg to ask the question, "where has the time gone?"

I survived my first wedding festivity; my bridal shower. I'll admit, it was a tad bit overwhelming. But, I haven't had that much fun with my family and friends in a long time. Everyone showed up to support me and "showered" me with wonderful gifts...most of which made me blush. The food was amazing and the drinks were flowing. My best friend, Stephanie, planned an unforgettable shower for me and I will be forever grateful.

After the shower was over, Jon came over my parents house to help pack all the gifts up. I had so much stuff that we made his roomy BMW look like a tiny Smartcar. And you know that damn quest bedroom that I'm always trying to clean? Yea, well...that's where all the gifts found a home. There's actually still a few gifts and boxes in our living room. I keep hoping that they'll eventually grow legs of their own and make their way in the room; however, that has yet to happen.

I have been so incredibly overwhelmed (and apparently stressed) that I came down with shingles. No joke. It started out as a small red bump, then gradually spread into a cluster of bumps. It was not fun. I was home for a week, in bed, drugged up. Luckily I caught it early enough to start the antibiotics; which stopped the shingles from spreading to my stomach, or causing severe pain. I'm thankful it was only mild pain. They've since faded and might leave a little scaring, but I'm glad that's over with. I do not have time to be sick. There is way too much going on....

I leave tomorrow bright and early for Las Vegas. Me and six of my girlfriends are heading there for a fun-filled weekend of bachelorette festivities. The entire weekend is a "surprise" to me and I don't even know where we're staying or what we're doing. I do know it will be fun. Don't expect me to come back and dish out all the details...because you know how it works: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...

Next weekend Jon's brother, Clark, is getting married in Monterey, CA. I can't believe how fast that came up! Right after we come home, August sixteenth will be here...and that means our wedding is exactly one. month. away. [begin freakout] OH MY GOSH! [end freakout]

I've been continuing my craft binge and took my wedding shoes from plain to uh-mazing. Thanks to Michaels! There's nothing that a few bows and a hot glue gun can't do...

More fun to come! And you might get lucky and I'll share a few sin city stories. Or...maybe not. Happy Weekend to you all.

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