Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer... almost here. Thank Goodness! I am so tired of this rainy cold weather. We're nearing the end of may and it's raining today. I have a million tank tops hanging in my closet that need to be worn.

Summer also means that school is just about done. Last night, the first part of my final project was due. Econ kicked my ass. As much as I hate it, I have another semester of Econ left. I should just take it in the fall and get it over with while my mind is still fresh on it. But knowing me, I won't.

I've been on the hunt for a new bathing suit. Apparently all that delicious McDonald's I eat is going straight to my ass and hips...and now my bathing suit bottoms fail to fit. I'm kinda-sorta digging a Victoria Secret bathing suit that I saw online. However, when I went to order it, it says that it wont ship until 7/31. Great. Awesome. Fantastic. Looking forward to wearing my new bathing two months. Fail.

Camping is going to be AMAZING this year. Only because Jon will be there enjoying it with me this time. He'll finally understand why it's the best place ever and why I look forward to going. I love not thinking about work or home...or anything. Waking up to the water right outside of your tent, the sun beating down on you and sipping on a beer for breakfast. It really is the life.

Jon's interview is tomorrow!! I'm so excited and so proud of him. He's worked really hard to get this position and he deserves it. I'm doing my happy dance in my cube right now!!

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  1. That is why I hate Victoria's Secret now! They used to have super fast shipping, now it is super slow and half of their stuff is ALWAYS backordered. Grr!