Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It's Wednesday...and we are impatiently awaiting for our son's arrival. If I go by our "original" due date of July 31st, he's only a day late. However, we've always gone by the due date the ultrasound technicians gave us; July 27th. Perhaps that was a bad idea. Either way, his due date(s) have come and gone and I am craving the sound of my son's first cry.

I'm not going to lie -- this past week has been really rough. I started to have mild contractions on Saturday. They were all about 10 minutes apart; which of course got me thinking that "this is it"...only to have them completely stop the next morning. That routine continued Sunday, but as of Monday there hasn't been any action. Last night I did however experience about 4 pretty painful contractions. Unfortunately they were all about an hour apart and then they stopped. The pressure of him being so low has been uncomfortable. I have good days and bad days and at times feel emotionally defeated. Yesterday was a good day. I got up early, showered, put on makeup and did my hair. And I didn't cry once!

Everyone keeps saying "walk, walk, WALK!". Um yea, I don't know what to tell you people...I have walked every day, sometimes three times a day! Up hills; down hills, you name it. I do daily squats and bounce on my exercise ball. I walk up and down the stairs. We've had sex. I drowned my food with chili pepper flakes. I promise you I have tried everything in the book -- the kid just doesn't want to come out. I'm now relying on the full moon tonight. We shall see...

How far along? 40wks, 5days OR 40wks, 1day
Due Date? 7/27/2012 (or 7/31/2012)
Total weight gain: Up 38lbs (161lbs total)
Sleep: Not much. With frequent bathroom breaks and the late night contractions, I don't sleep well
Movement? Still moving like crazy!!
Symptoms: A lot of pressure, on and off contractions, lower back pain and the sciatica nerve pain (OUCH!)

Hmm...August 1st. That seems like a great day for little boy to make his debut....please?!


  1. Here's hoping you get to meet your little guy soon! Will they start talking induction at some point?

  2. We are actually being induced tomorrow (today)!!! I'm excited/nervous...but can't wait!!!