Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Goodbye Summer

Fall is here - and we're bringing out all the decorations in our house. I love this time of year. Coats, boots, scarves and football. But it's hard to say goodbye to summer when the weather reads upper eighty's this weekend. I guess I'll enjoy it while I can. 

With summer ending, I am happy to say goodbye to everything that came with it. We had a record of eight weddings over the past few months. Most of which we had to travel out of town for. It's been an exhausting (and expensive) few months - but we enjoyed every minute of it.

Toronto, Canada | San Diego, CA | Monterey, CA | Boston, MA | Rutland, VT

Many memories were created since we took Jordan on most of these trips. I will admit that on two of the flights, I sat there and cried. Any parent that has flown with a child knows what I'm talking about. Especially when they learn how to walk. Attempting to sit on a plane with a child who wants to get down and walk everywhere is hard. And thirty minutes of screaming feels like three hours. Now that I look back, it doesn't seem that bad - but at the time I wanted to crawl under a rock. Needless to say, we are done traveling for a while. We put Jordan on a plane three times in two months. I don't blame him for screaming. 

Because I took way too many pictures over the course of our summer trips...I will leave you with a mini summer Instagram photo dump...

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