Wednesday, September 4, 2013

One Year

I was on my laptop the other night, putting together albums of pictures that don't have a home. I came across all the pictures and videos of Jordan's birth. I sat there and cried - realizing that my baby is now a toddler. A year old. How did this year go by so fast?

What an amazing little boy he is turning out to be. Such a wonderful personality and so full of love and life. It's fun to watch his eyes light up over the smallest thing; a water bottle, or a leaf. His curiosity is so interesting, yet funny at the same time. The kid can do laps around the living room like no other - over and over, and doesn't get bored. The 'Energizer Bunny' has nothing on my son.

One Year.
Jordan stands at 31 inches tall and weighing in at 20lbs. He has eight teeth (with molars coming in!) and is a running machine. I am excited to scream to the world that we are officially done with formula. Such an awful expense that I'm glad to be over with. Jordan surprisingly took to cows milk we just have to master switching him from a bottle to a sippy cup. So far, the bottle wins.

Jordan's first birthday was an event in the making. It felt like wedding planning; you plan to the extreme - leading up to this one day. And then it's over. As stressful as it was, the party was perfect. Sure, there were tons of people there, but it was great to celebrate with our friends and family. But in the words of my husband, "never again".

The best decision I made about the party? Hiring a friend-of-a-friend to capture his birthday memories. Money well spent. Tara is an amazing photographer and I'm so pleased with our pictures. Best part is, I got more than just pictures - a new friendship grew. Check out her blog here.

A few pictures to end with....


  1. Hi, could you tell me where the O-N-E Candles are from? Thanks!

  2. Hi Ali! The candles are from Party City. They had individual letters that I bought - in all differnt colors. Hope this helps!