Monday, September 13, 2010

Twenty Six.

Officially. And of course, a year older doesn’t feel any different. What a wonderful birthday it was though. I woke up early Saturday morning to fresh roses, a balloon and my favorite Starbucks coffee from Jon. I sat in bed sipping my coffee, browsing over one of the many bridal magazines I’ve purchased. The French doors in our room were open so we could hear all the beautiful noises of nature on such a gorgeous morning.

A beautiful morning turned into a wonderful day. I introduced Jon to this fabulous little Greek restaurant in Downtown, followed by a birthday shopping spree. Only, I was having issues that day and (of course), nothing fit. I did manage to find two pairs of jeans. Later that evening we went to a local bar to celebrate with some friends. Great friends and good times.

Yesterday my Mom and Chardel accompanied me to my first Bridal Faire. It was a smaller faire since it was just for all the local vendors, but we had a blast! Tons of free stuff! And let’s face it; I’m all about the free stuff.

Last weekend we also went to try on a few wedding dresses. I only tried on a few since it was an "impromptu" visit, but I can honestly say that I may have found “the one”. It’s beautiful. Every dress I tried on, I liked…but this one, I loved. I have a feeling all the other dresses I’ll be trying on over the next few weeks won’t even compare.

Wedding planning has been fun but also a little overwhelming. I’m glad that I have friends that are newlyweds that can offer us advice and help. They all say to pick your venue first; and once that is done, everything else will fall into place. So, Saturday we are viewing the venue that we’ve had our eye on before we were even engaged. Once we pick our date, then we can move forward with everything else. We have a year to plan the wedding, so that should give me enough time. Jon has taken over the honeymoon planning (which will be kept a secret from me; it’s a surprise!); and I get to plan the wedding.

Definitely looking forward to it.

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