Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Mother Of All Posts

I meant to write a post first thing Monday morning (I swear), but yet again, time just wasn't on my side. So, I'll just have to put it all in one monster of a post.

Sunday was probably the most laziest, interesting, eventful day all wrapped up into one. We woke up to a tree falling on our neighbors' house. We're in a condo, so even though the tree didn't hit our unit, we still felt it. The whole house shook and at first I thought it was an earthquake. Somehow or another the tree managed to fall right onto a sprinkler head and busted the pipes. How convenient. Water was everywhere. Needless to say, we were without water for a good seven hours. It was not fun.

It didn't help that it was pouring down rain......all day. The wind was incredible. People were without power all day and tree brances were flying down the street. Despite the new rain of the season, we decided to make the best of it. We opened all the blinds and watched the sideways rain come down. We opened the kitchen window so we could hear the rain fall on the carport roof. It's one of my favorite sounds. I felt it was a good time to bring out the Halloween kitchen towels to help get ready for the holiday. And what better to enjoy a rainy, gloomy day then to bake chocolate chip cookies. The aroma of the cookies was amazing and the whole house smelled yummy.

Every year around this time I treat my little brother to a night at the pumpkin patch. Even though the kid is 14 now, and about 4 feet taller than I am, it's still "our thing" and we both look forward to it. And of course, like every other year, we had a blast. We picked our wagon and walked along the isles of pumpkins, trying to pick the best ones. Of course we chose the wagon from hell - which obviously had some bolts loose - and it would run over the back of our heels. The damn thing didn't know how to stop. But it made our night because we couldn't stop laughing. The wagon clearly had a mind of its own and decided to roll away a couple of times.

With the end of October here, you just have to sit back and wonder where this month went! It came and went in the blink of an eye. So much happened this month that I can't even believe I survived the craziness.

Halloween is here - which means I'll be hopping on a flight to Las Vegas first thing tomorrow morning for Lizzy's bachelorette party. I've got my dresses picked out an and my costume ready to go. It should be a fun weekend! I'll be back in time for all the Halloween festivities Sunday night though. We'll be at my parents' house shooting pool in my Dad's new man cave (he did such a great job). We'll open the garage door to hand out candy to all the kids; and Chardel will make her delicious chili and biscuits. Good times with great company.

Happy Halloween my fellow bloggers!


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwww. Your pumpkin patch trip sounds great. I can't believe we didn't go this year. Like, how on earth, could I possibly forget to schedule something monumental like that? : (
    Oh, well. There is always next year, right? : )

  2. ummm...just wanted to tell you that your kitchen is AMAZING! Love it!

  3. Hello there my friend! For some reason I am finally able to post in blogs.... I wanted to say hello and tell you you're missed! xoxo