Monday, October 4, 2010

And....October Is Here.

The weather sure represents the fall weather today. The wind is blowing; orange leaves cover the ground; and the skies are white and grey instead of their usual bright blue. It was so hard for us to get out bed this morning. It was so cold and all we wanted to do was lie in bed and cuddle. It’s always days like these that make you want to curl up on the couch with a blanket, sipping hot cocoa and watching your favorite movies.

The weekend was fun but busy! I feel like I barely had time to sit down and relax! I was constantly doing something. It was the big weekend where I met with my bridesmaids to officially ask them to be apart of my big day. We met at Elephant Bar and cozied up in a corner booth all to ourselves. We gabbed about life and all the details (so far) about my wedding. I gave the girls each a mini cake personalized to them, with a small note that simply said “will you be my bridesmaid?” It wasn’t a big deal, but it meant something to me. These girls are my best friends, laughing partners and my family.

Yesterday was a big day. I met with my Mom and Chardel to go dress shopping and have lunch. I must have tried on at least 15 dresses. A few I really liked and started to narrow it down. One of the girls who worked at the bridal boutique overheard that I was looking for something chiffon, so she brought me a dress she thought I would like.

I did. I liked it…a lot. Actually, I love it.

So, I bought it. I can’t believe I found “The Dress”. I knew too. I knew it from the moment I put it on that it was the one. I re-tried on the other dresses that I had liked, but none of them even came close.

I originally planned to not wear a veil. But for kicks, I tried one on. As soon as I did, I started to tear up. It went perfect with the dress. Something simple, but elegant.

I leave for Atlanta tomorrow on business… until then, have a great week. I’ll be back next week with pictures and new stories.

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