Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'm so excited; which is good, because I need all this fun to get my mind off of the recent heartbreak. Lauren is finally home...although I haven't seen her yet. But just knowing that she's back here makes me feel so happy! Not sure what we'll do yet. But I definitely need to have her come over. Maybe we'll have a sleep over and watch lame shows all night like old times. Perhaps we'll break out the cookie dough and laugh at each others lame jokes. Damn, I miss her.

Jon's birthday is tomorrow and I'm SO excited! It's so hard to keep things a secret. I find myself *almost* spilling the beans on what I bought him. I'm such a goof. I got a lot done today and I have to be sneaky to make sure everything is taken care of by tomorrow. He's definitely got a fun-filled day ahead of him.


To top off my excitement, Jon is planning a secret getaway for us! After we lost the baby, we were thinking about taking a mini vacation, just the two of us. We couldn't really think of anywhere, so we decided to put it off. But, being the amazing man he is, mentioned last night that he's planning our vacation and that it's a secret. He's the best. I can't wait...we definitely need this. Traveling with him is one of my favorite things to do!

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