Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Beginnings

So...here I go. My first blog post. It's a tad bit bittersweet, but I find it appropriate at the moment.
Jon and I found out we were pregnant earlier this month. After testing, and testing...and testing; low and behold, two beautiful pink lines. We couldn't believe it. After being absolutely in love with being pregnant for, oh I don't know, about a week or so, it ended as quickly as it happened. Thursday, March 18th I had a miscarriage (or what I think was a Chemical Pregnancy). Whatever the hell it was, it sucked. Complete devastation for both Jon and I. The promise of being pregnant and having a baby was gone...just like that. It's crazy how much emotion you feel. However, through it all, Jon was by my side. He was (and is) amazing.
Since going through this, we've realized how excited we were about having a baby. We were born to be parents. Hell, we're even thinking about giving this another try in a few months. Getting my body back to "normal" is the first step. Until then, the baby books and all other baby crap we've bought is going in a cute little keepsake box. On to the next chapter in our life...

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