Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday Fun and Wedding Updates.

Last week was a busy week. Every day was booked with something to do. Usually there's a few days out of the week where I have a night to relax; lounge on the couch; pig out on junk food; be lazy. There was so much going on, that a night like that didn't exist. Secretly, I'm okay with it. Time flew by and now we're on to a new week and (almost) a new month.

Before we leave this month behind, a special birthday cannot (and will not) go unnoticed. My soon-to-be husband celebrated his 27th birthday on Saturday. While he didn't want it to be a "big deal" or "anything spectacular", I couldn't let him get away with having a boring birthday. Before he got up, I snuck out of the room to do a few "birthday" things around the house. Recreating what was done for me as a child, I hung a happy birthday sign up on the wall; and made sure the table was clear, so his present would be the first thing he'd notice.

Not expecting any of it, seeing his surprised face light up was all I needed to make my day. Hey, even at 27, a birthday sign and presents are still exciting.

After opening his gifts (a bunch of clothes) we got dressed and went shopping. I promised him which he found three pairs. But the man needs shoes. Sometimes it amazes me how simple he is. Before his new pairs of shoes, he maybe owned about 5 pairs. But this is what I love about him; name brands don't mean anything to him. If I asked him who Michael Kors is, he would give me that blank stare look and say "where?" Yes, you read that point exactly.

The rest of the day consisted of delicious burgers at Fuddruckers, watching UFC, and enjoying a mouthwatering homemade chocolate cake from his Momma. We were going to finish the night off with seeing a movie, but quickly realized that a 10:30pm showing would be "too late". So we held true to our "we're so old" line, and opted for our warm bed instead. Perfect end to a perfect day.

In wedding land, things are moving along just fine. Our six month mark came, and then went, and now I'm just in that blah stage. All the big vendors have been booked and now I'm shopping around for the little things that need to be done. I feel like I'm in that "in-between" stage, where I want to start making name cards, but really can't until the end. I want to start making the programs, but I don't have all the ceremony details set. I want to start putting together all my favors, but if I do, where the hell will I put them all?

So for now, I'm being patient (trying, anyway) to wait. I've been continuing my weekly trips to Michael's, swooping up all the vases I can get my hands on. I went to the Hallmark store yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find their wedding section 40% off. I walked out paying ten bucks for a super cute guest sign-in book. It's little things like this that make me happy.

I pick my sister up from the airport on Wednesday. She's flying in to spend a very busy day with me. We're finally picking out the bridesmaid dresses. Then we're off to Macy's and Bed, Bath & Beyond to finally register for gifts. (...I'm surprised I've held out for this long. I've been looking forward to registering before I even got engaged......not kidding).

If I thought I was going to get a night to relax this week, wrong again! I'm in store for another busy, but exciting week. I'll try to catch back up with you all at the end of the week.

With that, I'll leave you with these beautiful flowers that Jon brought home for me the other day. It's one of the many reasons why I love him :)


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